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As writers, fashion designers, entrepreneurs, videographers, radio personalities, social media influencers, activists and many other creatives, we need to collaborate on telling our stories of struggle, triumph and spread our vision for our city. What better way to share our collective vision for our city through our respective talents and unique perspectives.

The content of this platform is decided by our readers and contributors so that the stories told on the platform are simply the topics people of Gaborone want to learn about. From the comedy fans who frequent Fresh Comedy Series to the entrepreneurs creating the next generation of companies right here in Gaborone.



Traffic Jam on Nelson Mandela Drive| Credit: Sunday Standard

We will cover the most newsworthy incidents in the city to always keep you in the loop with what is happening in the city. From traffic updates to crime reports and important announcements and changes around the city.

Arts & Entertainment

TJ Dema at the 2014 Jazz Poetry Concert. Photo: Renee Rosensteel

TJ Dema at the 2014 Jazz Poetry Concert. Photo: Renee Rosensteel

This segment is for all the events, parties and festivals we love here in Gaborone. Whether it’s your Book club, Chill Step, Sunday Braai at Ed La’s or Youth business meetups. Do not forget the rundown on the latest movies, book reviews and everything else in between.

Business & Technology


Maungo Craft Jam | Credit: Ziigie.com

This section will cover all those tech and business trends in our city. We will profile the people behind the business names and let them inspire entrepreneurs. Look forward to reviews of the latest technology and gadgets.

People and Lifestyle


Arnold Nagafela | Credit: Arnold Nagafela

We all know those big characters in our city, from radio personalities to that social media personality. The stories these incredible people have will surely keep all of us engaged and more in tune with what is happening with these trendsetters.

Fitness & Sports


Credit: Silhouettes Ladies Gym

This is for all-out fitness and sports fanatics, we see you running along the western bypass. We see your Instagram photos of leg day at your favourite gym, whether its Virgin Active or Jack’s Gym we want to know about the motivation and how we can all keep fit.


Issac Makwala after his Solo 200m at Word Athletics Championship       Credit: The Guardian

Wouldn’t you want to have an eye into how Issac Makwala and Nigel Amos live? How do they prepare for their races? Let us not forget there are major sports codes that we can rally behind as they represent our nation at international and regional competitions.

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