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This is Gabs City | New Year New Hustle

We are almost done with the first month of 2019 and the true hustlers have already started their grind. If you are a little late to the party maybe you should consider taking a minute to consider this. It is never late to start your hustle.

The best place to start your hustle is to register a business name so you can hustle legitimately. Registering goes a long way in turning your hustle into a lasting business, that you can one day pass down to your kids. There are two ways you can start this; 1) Find a registered company secretary to handle your business registration or 2) do the paperwork yourself.

If you are going to do it yourself, follow the steps to save yourself money. You will also learn how the whole business registration process works for your future hustles. If you’d like to work with a registered company secretary we are compiling a list of the best place to get service in Gabs.

Reserving your business name

Before you can start calling your business “Best Hustler in Gabs” its best to do a name search at Company and Intellectual Property Authority (CIPA). This way you avoid using an already registered name which can cause troubles for your business. You will need Form RBN/1A, which is available from the CIPA reception in the CBD.

Total Fees: P20 ($2)
Duration: 5 Business Days

New Year, New Hustle | This is Gabs City
Refreshed look of CIPA offices in the CBD | This is Gabs City

Your business name has been approved

After 5 business days, you should be able to collect your approved name from CIPA. If none of the names you submitted is approved, you can submit a new list for approval. Once you are satisfied with the approved name you will fill in Form RBN/2 which you will receive with your approved Business name. You should expect to wait up to 5 business days to receive a response.

Total Fees: P150 ($15)
Duration: 5 Business Days

Good things come to those who Hustle| This is Gabs City

Ready to Hustle

Your business name has been registered and you now have a business registration certificate. Your journey to building your business has officially started. Now you can get started with getting a license, a bank account, designing a logo and getting your first customer.

The whole business name registration process should take up to 2 weeks, accounting for non-business days and weekends. The total cost of the whole process should be P170 ($17) in fees due to CIPA. So in 2019 get down to the new CIPA offices and set up your business.

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