Sing along with Pearl Soul

Her warm voice is seductive, captivating and intense. With a mixed ethnic background from Africa, India and Europe, she has learned to incorporate different cultures and traditions. Something you can feel and hear through her music which is evocative and contains both depth and lightness.

ThisisGabs.City has had the pleasure of untwirling the soulful voice behind the music. Pearl Cutten is a Botswana born songstress living in Denmark. She is billed to perform in the upcoming Okavango Delta Music Festival scheduled for the 29th August until the 1st of September 2019.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned from what you do?
Answer: I have learned to believe in myself. Growing up I battled low self-esteem and shyness. A beautiful face doesn’t always mean confidence, I used singing as a way of looking within. I found tools to explore myself and find out who I am. I am still on that journey, but I have come a long way.

Describe a day in your life. What do you love most about what you do?
Answer: My days usually start off very slow. I am not a morning person so I will make sure I lay in bed for a while after waking up if I have no appointments. Morning home yoga is appreciated most of the time. If I have work, as a bioelectric acupuncturist, my day starts off a bit earlier. Otherwise, I do admin work for my music and for my acupuncture business before noon. I make sure I do vocal training everyday usually in the afternoon. I prefer writing songs in the evening and if I have to record late afternoon and evening are excellent. If I do not have music related stuff in the evening I love relaxing either with friends and family but I love my alone time as well.

I love the creative side. Making a song from scratch and seeing it come alive especially when there is a flow that almost seems magical. From the first sentence of lyrics to the recording part and to full final production. I also love the interaction with the audience while I perform. To see how they react to my sound and how it moves them is also like magic. That’s what always music.

Take our readers through your work process.
Answer: Sometimes I get an idea, a thought or a feeling about a song. It might be something I have experienced, an emotion of some sort. I will write it down and then in my head, I might have an idea of the vibe and the mood of the song the lyrics evoke. I would then try and transform that into melody.. sometimes with the help of a fellow musician. At other times I might get a track from a producer/composer and I would then either come up with a melody or lyrics inspired by the mood of the song. When it comes to EP or Album material I try and work with a theme that will be essential for the overall sound, mood and lyrics of the whole production.

What do you do when you are not working?
Answer: I love nature, meditation and time to explore life in general. That can be through reading books that enlighten me. I love reading about stuff that gives me knowledge especially in the field of alternative medicine, psychology, social related topics, physiology and spirituality etc.. anything that uncovers the mind, body and soul… I love combining work with pleasure like when I took a trip to the mountains in a region in Russia where I had time for mountain climbing as well as participate in a festival… I guess that’s exactly what I will be doing at the Okavango music Festival this year.

What can you compare to the work you do?
Answer: To be honest there is nothing to compare my work to. I do what I love and it has become something that fulfils me in so many ways.

Tell our readers about how it all began.
Answer: I have done social work and I am new in the field of acupuncture as a practitioner. The interaction with other human beings is similar. Being able to give a part of yourself to others as a musician is just as giving as being a teacher or a social worker.

What gets you out of bed in the morning and what keeps you up at night?
Answer: Knowing I can create something someone will appreciate… At night a song might pop into my head.

What projects are you working on now?
Answer: I have said no to all the collaboration offers with amazing South African producers as I want to work on ideas for a new album. Last year personal issues were too much on the way but sometimes we have to go through a lot to actually be able to write and produce something that is profound. I feel ready for that now and this time I have started writing lyrics. I am excited about the theme this time… it’s personal but yet spiritually giving on so many levels. I am also trying to wrap up a single that we failed to do last year. It will be produced by Anthony Koopman, a South African producer. Hopefully, this will be out within the next couple of months.

What sentence will come to define your life?
Answer: The strength of a woman

Describe the feeling of your first gig/client?
Answer: My first gig was huge as the singer I was working for as a backing vocalist was well established. I was only 18 so our costumes and the dance choreography gave me that boost of confidence though I was very nervous as to my vocal performance. I was excited and felt like I was living my dream. It felt all so bubbly within.

What has been the biggest challenge in your work?
Answer: The biggest challenge in my work has been starting too late in life and really realizing that I do have a gift and how to use it. Yes, the confidence and direction haven’t always been on point.

What are the five things that create a recipe for success?
1. Motivation
2. Talent
3. Confidence
4. Knowledge
5. Innovation

What will people say at your 80th birthday party?
Answer: “You did it your way”

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