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Kabo Timela, better known by his stage name, Sir Kabulous, has landed a role on SABC 2’s hit soapie, Muvhango. ThisisGabs.City caught up with the rising star to chronicle his career and his recent casting as Nare on Muvhango.

Humble Beginnings

Kabo Timela in BRoKE BRoKEN and ALoNE at Maitisong Festival 2019

The multi-talented Sir Kabulous has always known he wanted to become an actor. His passion for theatre, film production and the arts, in general, was supported greatly by his pastor parents who were also drawn to the arts. His siblings are also artistically inclined, Kabo’s brother following the musical route while his sister is also drawn to the screen like her big brother.

As we chat Sir Kabulous recalls the moments from his childhood that truly cemented his love for performance art. Playing as a child he remembers turning any objects he could find into puppets in stories his young mind would conjure. Later as he grew, this would turn into an obsession with behind the scenes doccies from his favourite movies.

Sir Kabulous shared more moments of how even as a child he would always grab the opportunity to step into the spotlight. He got invited by his local comedy hero, Dignash on stage to tell a few jokes. These moments go as far as his first poetry performance in the Bantu Swag Collective’s showcase at Westwoods Mantlwaneng theatre in 2009.

Adding Skills to his Talent

Sir Kabulous’ Show Reel

Once he finished secondary school he devoted his time to performing in the local arts scene and later moved to Pretoria. In 2011 he joined the independent Monnyth art house where he got to a chance to hone his performance skills. Only a year later he enrolled in a theatre and film program at TUT. Kabo Timela’s time at TUT and Monnyth helped him combined his natural talent with skills that have landed him on his path to stardom. When I quizzed him on any advice he has for aspiring performers, he said “give your talent skill”, stressing the importance of working on your craft.

Sir Kabulous did not leave the skills to the Theater and film classes, he played in several productions while in South Africa. This exposure helped him cross paths with many of South Africa’s big names in the TV and Film industry. Often featuring in Independent Films and theatre productions, some of which have aired on Mzansi Magic. Mr Timela is definitely not a stranger to being in front of the camera.

Sir Kabulous does not only bask in the limelight he is the creative director for Luminous Art. Where he teaches acting and dance together with the team he worked on his latest production, BRoKE BRoKEN and ALoNE. The theatre show he co-wrote, directed and acted 2019 Maitisong Festival.

The Big Break

Macdonald Ndou ( KK on Muvhango ) with Kabo Timela ( Nare on Muvhango)

All these art-filled decades have culminated in the Sir Kabulous we now watch on one of South Africa’s biggest soapie, Muvhango. Kabo took some time to recount the long arduous journey he took to get to his dream. 8 years of relentlessly honing his talents and refining his craft. After all that time Sir Kabulous was finally scouted right here in Gaborone where fellow Batswana actors have also been selected to join the cast of Muvhango. Sharon Seno, former miss Botswana participant and actor in Ntwakgolo also landed a role as Marang on Muvhango.

Sir Kabulous will be playing the role of Nare, a young man who follows his girlfriend, Warona, to the City. Kabo’s character will be appearing on the en until the 22nd of July. We can only hope this role will open more doors for a multi-talented young man who has shown great perseverance and dedication to his craft.

Before we concluded our chat I had asked Sir Kabulous what he hopes to share with the aspiring actors he works with. He was very adamant that his experience would enrich his acting classes as now he gets to learn from other well-celebrated actors from South Africa. He hopes the recent success of his fellow compatriots will also inspire others to follow their dreams as he did.

Humility and a Big Heart

One thing that was obviously apparent during our in interview Kabulous is his humility. You can not miss his grounded personality even when he shared his excitement at working with some of the actors that have inspired him over the years. He further confirms his humility when I ask him about his soon to be fans. He did not seem to think much would change other than possibly getting noticed as he goes about his life in Gabs.

When asked how he would describe himself, he hesitates for a bit. Abigail, Girlfriend & colleague, with a proud look on her face, said, “Kabo has a strong sense of perseverance, He never doubts himself”. Later he added onto that by exclaiming that he believes in the law of attraction, simply put, by focussing on positive thoughts you can attract the positive things you want for your life.

Kabo wrapped up the interview with a shout out to all the people that have supported his journey. His family for the support and inspiration to reach for his dreams. The Luminous Art team and his new compatriots in the Muvhango team, not forgetting Duma Ndlovu for giving his talent the right stage to flourish.

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