Botswana Passport 4th Most Powerful in Africa


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Visa Free Map for Botswana Passport

The Botswana Passport has been ranked number 4th most powerful in Africa. Mauritius, Seychelles and South Africa top the list ahead of Botswana. Arton Capital compiles the index for individuals and families seeking a second citizenship.

top 4 powerful passports in Africa
Top 4 powerful passports in Africa

So, how much power does the Botswana passport wield? Holders of the Botswana passport can expect to travel to 81 countries visa-free or with visa on arrival. Asian and African countries are the most welcoming to the Botswana Passport. SADC and East African countries are more welcoming to Botswana passport holders. Most notable Asian countries on the list are Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Maldives. In Europe, Batswana are more welcome by the UK, Ireland and some eastern European nations like Georgia.

The countries that top the list are the UAE, Spain and Germany among many other European countries. Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria round up the list of the least powerful passport in the world. The least powerful passports on the Africa continent included Somalia, Sudan and Eritrea.

Visa-free trends for 2018 – 2019

The index also shows that since 2018 the Botswana passport has added 5 new visa-free or visa on arrival countries. This number is set to increase, once the Africa Continental Free Trade Area is fully implemented.

The Benefits of a powerful passport

What are the benefits of having greater access with a passport? The clearest benefits of having a powerful passport are access to the best holiday destinations. Doing business is another notable benefit of having visa-free or visa on arrival to more countries. This explains why the African Union has prioritised improving inter-Africa travel to improve business and investment.

The factors that make the Botswana Passport 4th most powerful in Africa is Botswana’s focus on diplomacy. Being the most stable economy and political environment also add more clout to the Botswana Passport.

Most Welcoming Countries

Worlds most welcoming Passports; Botswana, Azerbaijan, Belize, Myanmar, Trinidad and Tobago

The Botswana Passport is also rated among the most welcoming countries across the world. Ahead of the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago and Asian country of Myanmar. The least welcoming countries on the list are mostly in Europe, North America and Australia. While the most welcoming countries are in Asia, the Caribean, Africa and South America.

Remember the more welcoming countries around the world when planning your next holiday or business venture.

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