2064: Donald Molosi in an Afro-Futuristic Dystopia



This review will not contain any spoilers, it would be great if you enjoyed the film the same way we did when we watched it for the first time.

-Directed-by-Joseph Adesunloye
2064 Film Poster featuring Donald Molosi & Thabo Rametsi

Early September 2018 I had a rare opportunity to catch up with the crew of 2064 at the Culture Art Cafe. Days after they had filmed the Okavango scenes of the film. I had just gotten back to Gaborone from a 3-week adventure exploring Botswana’s wondrous wilderness. Upon learning of Donald’s recent trip to the Okavango I was quickly intrigued by shooting in the wilderness. I assumed it had to be a wildlife film project that would draw Donald, Tuks and the team into the wilderness. Fast forward to late 2019, I see the film poster for 2064 and it is stunning.

Africa after Agenda2063

Set in a year after the African Union hopes to achieve Agenda2063, the film explores issues of overpopulation, African colonisation all told through the love of a queer couple. In an interview with Mambaonline.com Molosi explains that the intention of the movie was “to make queerness ordinary.”. The film was the first premiere at the Pan African Film Festival shortly after Botswana’s landmark decriminalisation of same-sex relations. 2064 has been nominated for several film festivals from the world-famous Canes Film festival and the Grand Prix prize in Sweden, which gave the film a shot at a grammy nominee.

African Collaboration

The short film was directed by British-Nigerian director Joseph Adesunloye, an award-winning filmmaker. You can see from the inimitable shots of the trailer that the genius of Joseph and Donald comes from years of being part of major productions. Donald is a celebrated actor, playwright and author of Upright African. over the years Donald has written, directed and starred in both screen and theatre productions; from The United Kingdom in 2016 to the critically acclaimed Blue, Black and white in 2008.

2064’s dystopian vision of the African continent in 2064 serves as a warning of what might become of Agenda 2063 if it is not done well. The cautionary tale to Africans is a masterpiece that any afro-futurist fan would enjoy. We at www.ThisisGabs.city give the short drama 5 stars, for its unique style of African Sci-Fi movies that also touch on important social and political issues on the African continent. Most importantly we love the power in Africans adding their own viewpoints to African stories.

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