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Write for us at ThisisGabs.City to tell stories about Gaborone to inspire, empower and inform. We cover lifestyle, entertainment, arts, business and inspiring stories on the people shaping our city.

Do you have a new idea you want to share with the world? A question you want to answer? We would love to read your story!

If you want to submit an article for publication, please follow our content guidelines:


  • Article structure: introduction, main body, conclusion.
  • Preferred word count: 500 – 1000 words.
  • The article must be relevant to Gaborone, people in Gaborone, events in Gaborone and Interesting facts about Gabs.
  • The article must cover one of our categories: People, Business, Technology, Entertainment, Lifestyle and Sports. If you need help with your topic, ask us!
  • Include a 100-word article summary.


  • “Say what you’re about to say, say what you’re saying, and say what you’ve said.” It is best to include an introduction, a middle section, and a conclusion.
  • Include a sub-heading for each point.
  • Your introduction should be punchy, captivating and positive.
  • Your conclusion should summarise the most important points of the article and your opinion on the topic.
  • All your sentences should be short and clear. To help with understanding, you can explain complicated words in brackets, like this!.
  • Each paragraph of the article should express a separate and well-defined point.


  • Assume that your reader has no prior knowledge of your topic.
  • If you are trying to convince the reader of something that you believe in (ie. expressing an opinion or a moral stance), your argument must be purely based on fact and include no emotional or moralising language. 

Before you start to write for us, please take a moment to read our published articles, and get a feel for our articles.

To submit, please fill the form below with your name, contact details and your article title. If you would like to attach your own pictures please email them with your article title as the subject to admin@thisisgabs.city

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